Vanderpoel Art Association

Vanderpoel Art Association

By 1919, the collection was designated a museum, and in 1922 Watson, another former instructor at the School of the Art Institute, donated a watercolor, “Hollyhock Cottage,” which he painted at an art colony in New York. The painting hangs in the Vanderpoel Gallery at Ridge Park. The Ridge Park gallery was built in 1929; before that, the collection appeared at the Vanderpoel school at 9510 S. Prospect Ave. in Beverly. “It outgrew the school quite quickly,” Testa said as she gave a tour of the Ridge Park gallery. “The school still has paintings from the association.” Among the Ridge Park gallery collection is Vanderpoel’s “The Cup That Cheers.” As a young man, Vanderpoel entered the Chicago Academy of Design, which was founded in 1866. By 1882, it had evolved into the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and Vanderpoel served as an instructor there for 30 years, until his retirement in 1910. Many of the paintings at the Ridge Park gallery depict Chicago scenes. A Raymond Johnson landscape, “Crooked Trees in Sunlight,” was painted at the Lincoln Park Lagoon in 1916. The gallery also has a Frederick Milton Grant landscape, “Century of Progress Fair 1933.”


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