Horse Thief Hollow

Horse Thief Hollow

Photo by Rebecca Healy Photography

Here at Horse Thief Hollow, our goal is to provide the very best quality food, beer, service, entertainment and hospitality. We take the long road to produce everything possible from scratch. When in season, we support local farms and always purchase fresh, wholesome ingredients. We believe in supporting the businesses in Beverly along with the events unique to our area. Our servers and chefs are sensitive to food allergies and restrictions, so please make us aware if you have any special requests.

History of Horse Thief Hollow

During the 1850’s, Beverly was known as the “Horse Thief Hollow”. The specific location seems to have been in the vicinity of 108th Place between Longwood and Hoyne, but that remains up for debate. Horses stolen from Missouri brought for market in Chicago were hidden in the dense forest growth of the area. With its elevation and draws, areas such as “Point Lookout” and “Robbers Woods” were used by the bandits to keep watch on encroaching traffic. A large landowner named Thomas Morgan is given credit for having the State Militia clear out the criminal activity, either killing or capturing and imprisoning several of the culprits during the 1860’s.


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