Deja Hue Art

Deja Hue Art

Deja Hue Art is the story of Art and Entrepreneurship colliding.  It’s been said that people don’t always remember what you say or what you do, but they always remember how they felt in your presence. Deja Hue offers a studio environment for customers to bring their own wine or  beverages of choice to sip while they are led step by step through the process of creating their own painting. Deja Hue will provide the supplies (canvases, easels, paint, brushes, aprons, glasses, music, tables and chairs). The attendees will leave with their own artwork at the end of the party. Alternatively, Deja Hue Art can set up a studio at the venue of the your choosing (country clubs, coffee houses, churches, schools and private residences, etc.).   Our artwork is created in-house, so they are all original paintings and we can create art tailored to meet the theme of the event. Our mission is to create peak experiences for friends, families and groups through creative expression and bring our love of art to the masses.


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